Kristina Barišić is a commerical,  film and music video directress, art historian and photographer.

Her work is full of expressive visual aesthetics that carries atmosphere, passion and colors. It is a very dynamic and harmonious within the set design, clearly following a particular narrative.

Through creation, she is combining new perspectives and approaches, speaking through pop culture, psychology, intimate and public spaces of the young and the old, stereotypes, flirting with surreal elements, which underlines her authenticity even more. Video poetics is what captures her attention.

Behind all that, she directed over 50 music videos, as well as a series of photographic stories that each have a unique visual experience in her own way.

Main Course, her short film debut won the Best Short Film Award at the 9th edition of the South East European Film Festival in Paris, while her second film, Let Love In, will soon see the light of day.

She is a part of Distune promotion team and producer of Impulse festival.

Based in Rijeka, Kristina is developing several personal and commissioned projects.